- You say you’re worried about her?
- I know the warning signs, believe me.

"This season, the band has got to snap."

"This season, the band has got to snap."

 Jack and Chloe’s ‘goodbyes’

8x24 and 9x12 -requested by katrifairbain

I like the dedication.
Claire Danes at the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

January 16th 1979 - August 25th 2001


We haven’t lost anyone. We’ve only gained an angel…

On this special day all we want to say is that we miss you dearly Baby Girl and we thank you for everything you did to us. Thank you for each song, and for each smile, thank you for giving us faith that if we really want something, there’s nothing that can stop us, thank you for teaching us that nothing comes easy and we have to work our hardest to be our best, you’re the best teacher…

Having you in our lives is truly a blessing, and we will keep you in our hearts forever…This day is never easy, but we’re not going to cry, instead we are going to celebrate your beautiful life and legacy like we do it every single day…

Rest in Paradise our sweet Angel… ♥

'it worked.'
'juliet, it's me.'

'i got you.'
'we should get coffee sometime.
we can go dutch’

'kiss me, james.'
'you got it, blondie.'

get to know me meme: favorite male characters [4/5] → Peter Quinn

" ‘Cause I’m the guy that kills bad guys."

this immediate family.

Tell me our story.

You are not Alone. 

You are not Alone.